Links for 14 May 06

Some tech-related articles I've read / bookmarked in the past week:

  • The Japan Times: Power plant security info leaked onto Net: Security data on a thermal power plant has been leaked onto the Internet from a virus-infected personal computer, the company in charge of the plant's security said Sunday.
    The information was passed onto the Internet through a file-sharing program called Share.
  • Softbank plans online universityThe university will have two departments, one offering courses on computers and business, the other on subjects related to world cultures. Each will accept up to 950 students.
  • From sitepoint: AJAX and Screenreaders: When Can it Work? the real sticking point is this: how does a screen reader user know that the content has changed? A sighted user has random access to a page, by virtue of the fact that he or she can look at different bits of it; if something changes, we can draw the user's attention to it visually. A screen reader doesn't announce dynamic changes to the DOM -- those changes just happen in the background -- so any given change will more than likely go unnoticed, unless we notify the user in some way.
  • Will Microsoft Show Big Companies the Way to the New Web?

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