Weekend Miscellany (25 June 2006)

I tried downloading Lotus Notes 7 but was stymied by the ibm.com registration system. I tried multiple variations on accounts which I'm fairly certain have been registered to no avail. I looked for an option to "resend my password" and only found a screen where I could call an 800 number during normal business hours. I then tried to register a new address and was blocked by message code 200e.

So I gave up.

I am a bit weird...I actually liked Notes for most of the time I used it. I think that the internal deployment was ill-planned and caused much resentment against Notes, and in turn caused many problems in using Notes down the road. But there are moments when I miss being able to create a document easily in a searchable thing, with some formatting, possibly some minor application logic. I now resort to a mix of flat text files and MS Word files, and I think I lose a lot of time waiting for the various antivirus checks to complete, or searching for a file I just know is around. I don't know that Notes would solve anything for me (a one-man company / IT department is a bit on the low-end of the Notes deployment scale), but I'm finding Outlook to be more and more constraining. I like the Outlook interface, but many features seem to assume you have Exchange deployed.

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