ETech 2007 Day 2 p.m. sessions

Notes from: Don MacAskill of Smugmug, on privacy by Marc Hedlund of Wesabe

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ETech 2007 Day 2 a.m. sessions

Raw notes from the morning session of Etech 2007 Day 2: Mike Kuniavsky, danah boyd, Raph Koster, Chad Dickerson

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Notes from etech Day 1, Morning Session [27 March 2007]

Raw notes from the morning session of ETech 2007 Day one with talks by Jeff Jonas, Werner vogels, Jane McGonigal, and Jeff Hawkins and a discussion amongst Tim O'Reilly, Peter Bloom and Bill Janeway.

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Following etech

As I wrote early I'm not live-blogging, I find I stop listening to the presentations and conversations and end up being a conduit for words. Nice for the blog, but that's not why I'm here. To that end, I set up an etech folder in my Google Reader account to which I'm adding various etech related feeds. You can view a web page for this...

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etech 2007 opening round

Notes on the evening session of etech 2007 day 1 (26 March 2007)

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Bagging the rest of etech

Extremely disappointed in the last day of eTech 2006. I have notes I'll write up from the earlier days, and really did enjoy several sessions, but today: The conference shifted to a different floor. They lost the ballroom and other large rooms we'd used the first two days. As a result a conference of, I'm guessing, 1000 people tried to cram into four breakout rooms...

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etech 2006 Day 2 Misc.

The conference is scheduled to start at 8:30, but they don't open the doors until 8:30. It takes 10-15 minutes for the crowd to settle down so off the bat the sessions are crunched for time. Seems to be a weird way to schedule a conference. Breakfast was a diabetic's nightmare. No plain rolls, some fruit. Would it kill them to have a croissant or...

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Misc etech 2006 notes

Turns out there's an American Banker's Association meeting here starting either today or tomorrow, which explains why the Hyatt had no rooms for Wednesday night. I think that next year, if I can't get into the conference hotel or any of the nearby hotels I'll skip, I miss being able to drop back into my room for a quick nap or break from the crowd....

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etech 2006 tutorial day

I have very little to report from the first day of etech 2006. Due to a tragic misunderstanding between my travel staff (that would be me) and my scheduling staff (me as well), I did not book the tutorial day as I would be flying out this day. But I flew out last night, thinking I had booked the tutorial sessions. The travel staff has...

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