Thoughts on Cyber Monday

I thought I knew all of the buzzwords, but this year's cybermonday seems new to me. Cybermonday is (allegedly) the web version of Black Friday, the traditional kick-off to the holiday shopping season, except online. Some advice, for users and the technology types who will be under siege: If you're buying... Keep a copy of notepad or textedit (or whatever editor you happen to like)...

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Web 2.0 effect on Ad Measurements

When I was at ad:tech earlier this month I was wondering about this: Will AJAX Scrub IAB Impression Guidelines?. The IAB is just now getting agreement around the web on measurement and auditing, a project I remember working on at IBM almost six years ago. With AJAX and other dynamic techniques, it's possible for a user to "sit" on a single page for quite awhile....

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OPA '06: Forum for the Future

Received an invite to attend OPA '06: Forum for the Future, which is a conference put on by the Online Publishers Association. It looks interesting, possibly even amazing, but I can't justify going (mostly because I'm already set to go to the e-tech conference in San Diego the following week). I'm not the target audience and don't (presently) have any clients who are in the...

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Web 2.0 2005 Recap

So, Web 2.0 2005 is over, I'm sitting in the AA lounge at SFO waiting for my flight back to Brooklyn and I'm trying to figure out if it was worth it. No doubt, this was expensive for me as a freelancer. Was it interesting? Certainly. Was it valuable, did I learn anything? Not so much. I learned that there's a lot of innovation going...

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My recap notes and observations on day one of Web 2.0 2005

Observations on day 1 of web 2.0 2005

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