nextNY Digital: Group Blog Launches

I got involved with the nextNY Digital group back in February or March this year. The group sprang from a post by Charlie O'Donnell and is now centered on a Google Group: nextNYDigital. Today, the nextNY group blog went live at with the lead-off piece Hello NYC. Tomorrow night "we" are hosting BizDev 2.0, a community discussion about business development in a 2.0 meme...

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Recommendation: SftpDrive

My development environment consists of an IBM Thinkpad x31 running Windows XP and a mix of servers running FreeBSD, Linux, and even OS X. One common element across all of them is that I use ssh to log in and transfer files around. On Windows I've been using the openssh client that comes with cygwin, I have no idea what's running on the server side...

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202: Accepted Archives

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