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A collection of informal posts about web and internet technology.

Sorry for the feedburner burst there…

I discovered that the FeedBurner feed for this site had stalled, not entirely certain why though it appeared to a change in how the the feed URL was being retrieved or processed. In any event, it restarted this morning and republished a bunch of now dated content.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I’ve lost interest in blogging regularly. I didn’t get much out of it except constant server problems dealing with spam bots (this site gets a thousand page views a day, by spam bots. If only I could monetize that). It’s not just a spam or technology issue, I lost interest in blogging on my personal site primarily due to the schizoid feedback I was getting (typically offline and months after I’d written something). Oddly, it felt fine writing into the howling ether but knowing people are reading but staying silent was somehow more disturbing than not getting any feedback at all.

I have put together a very simple survey to gauge whether there's interest at all in a regular tech column/blog/whatever you want to call it. I’m aiming for weekly, focused on “big data” as I develop Stigmergy llc but the topics may range around a bit, always focused on technology though. Allegedly there are over two hundred readers of this feed, so if some percentage of you take the survey then that alone may get me to return to blogging.

Another round of domains for sale…

Long time, no write, I know.

I have a slew of domains I’m abandoning, some whose registrations expire soon, others in the next 12-18 months.

If you are interested in any of these, please email exp2010nov@artific.com by October 31, 2010 with an offer. Payment to be made via Paypal.

  • execupædia.com (xn--execupdia-l3a.com), execupaedia.com (the thought was a wiki dedicated to tracking corporate executives)
  • techakucha.org, techakucha.net, techakucha.com (yes, these were all meant as a play on http://www.pecha-kucha.org/ which never went anywhere.
  • oauthready.net, oauthready.com
  • NoOneCouldForesee.net, NoOneCouldForsee.net
  • nextti.com / nextti.net / nextti.org
  • nextofficehours.net, nextofficehours.com
  • identro.com / identro.net / identro.org
  • fuckedecono.me
  • creativecomputing.info
  • yasoboto.com / yasoboto.net / yasoboto.org (Yet Another Social Bookmarking Tool)
  • xprx.net
  • officehours.in

Some of these have related twitter accounts I can transfer (eg: @yasoboto, @identro).

Feed to NextNY blog check

Just a short post to push to nextny blog.

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