About Artific Consulting LLC

Artific Consulting LLC provides innovative Internet solutions for businesses and organizations in the New York City metropolitan area.

Artific Consulting LLC was founded in 2002 by Edward Costello to provide consulting services to small and medium enterprises and non-profits in the New York City metropolitan area. We focus on designing innovative yet pragmatic Internet solutions for our clients. We are a Brooklyn, NY based, New York State (US) Limited Liability Company formed under the name Artific Consulting LLC.

Note: we are not seeking new client engagements at this time.


General inquiries may be made to inquiry@artific.com or by postal mail to:

Artific Consulting LLC
PO BOX 30122
NEW YORK NY 10011-0102

Artific Consulting LLC is a New York State Limited Liability Company. Edward Costello is the owner and sole proprietor of Artific Consulting LLC.

Terms of Service

Our terms of service are:

  • We do not intentionally collect personally identifiable information on this site, however other sites or services we provide may do so. Any such site will have a privacy policy and support the W3C P3P meta-data to indicate what information is collected and the disposition thereof. We utilize third party tools like Google Adsense and Feedburner to supplement this site. Those services may collect additional information about you which we do not have access to or control over.
  • No guarantee is implied or warranted by the provision of content or services.
  • Service and content is provided at-will and may be revoked or removed without warning.
  • Artific Consulting LLC reserves the right to block access to any site, content, or service by IP address, User Agent, Referer or any other means for whatever reason we see fit to block access.
  • The use of our services to game search engines, to publish illegal or illicit content, to violate copyright, or other activities which put our business operations at risk is expressly prohibited and will serve as grounds for termination of service.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all activities and services are provided under the jurisdiction of New York State of the United States of America, and U.S. Federal Law.

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