OPA '06: Forum for the Future

Received an invite to attend OPA '06: Forum for the Future, which is a conference put on by the Online Publishers Association. It looks interesting, possibly even amazing, but I can't justify going (mostly because I'm already set to go to the e-tech conference in San Diego the following week). I'm not the target audience and don't (presently) have any clients who are in the target audience.

Besides, the registration server only supports SSL 2.0, which I've disabled (and MSIE 7.0 will not support). SSL 2.0 is ancient, even SSL 3.0 is ancient but is the latest version (and TLS seems to be favored now).

Here's an open invite to the readers of this site, all three of them: if you are going to OPA, I'll trade in-depth notes from etech the following week for notes from OPA, or at least point me to a blog with decent notes.

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