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Wow...the Drum Major Institute, an NYC area policy thinktank, created a report card for members of the NYS Legislature (rated one of the worst, most dysfunctional, in the US). The "wow" is for the Google Ad Buy they've done on the names of all NYS Legislators, including their rating in the text of the ad (which links to the report).

Now, not only will these ads appear when someone does a Google search, more importantly they should appear whenever a legislator's name appears in the copy of a news article on any site utilizing Google AdSense. When I was doing I/T consulting for politicians we'd talked about using Google AdSense ads but weren't sure how effective they'd be on a local (New York City in this case) level.


Just curious, I'm going to add some NYC area legislator's names here to see if AdSense picks them up:

  • Marty Connor
  • Joan Millman
  • Sheldon Silver
  • Sylvia Friedman

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