Misc etech 2006 notes

Turns out there's an American Banker's Association meeting here starting either today or tomorrow, which explains why the Hyatt had no rooms for Wednesday night. I think that next year, if I can't get into the conference hotel or any of the nearby hotels I'll skip, I miss being able to drop back into my room for a quick nap or break from the crowd.

The WiFi setup this year is better than 2005 at the Westin. Unfortunately the link out to the world seems to be via carrier pigeons.

Perhaps next conference, O'Reilly can request people to turn off their Skype setups, turn off the streaming videocasts of the conference, or perhaps they can get AT&T to offer bandwidth.

My guess is that about a tenth of the attendees are skipping the afternoon sessions, hanging out in the hallways (which I'm doing as well).

More later...

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