Virtual advertising: Canadian network overlays Yahoo! ad on Apprentice

From the 15 Mar 2006 Globe and Mail: Global likes 'virtual' ads: A Candian firm, Casino Rama is paying CDN$10,000 to overlay the Yahoo! advertisment atop the NYC Taxi at the end of The Apprentice with its own ad. The ad is digitally inserted into CanWest Global Communications Corp.'s simulcast of The Apprentice.

Casino Rama is paying less than $10,000 an episode for its virtual placement on The Apprentice throughout Ontario, according to Pegi Gross, the media director at Marshall-Fenn, the agency that placed the ad. That compares with $36,000 for a traditional 30-second spot on the same show in Ontario.

Digital insertions have been used for several years now in various sports simulcasts, I think Fox pioneered it in the U.S. with their MLB coverage. This is different though since the Yahoo! ad is a physical ad, not a greenscreen which then gets the Yahoo! Hotjobs ad overlaid.

I wonder if the simulcast agreement allows for this. I mean, though an obvious sponsorship it's theoretically part of the show's video feed, it's not one of the traditional ad slots.

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