An odd thing with an OU

I recently set up an SSL certificate for I was playing around with the SSL side of the site today, trying to get my x509 certificate to be transmitted when I noticed something odd. The OU for the SSL certificate was set to "dripldu", one of my other stillborn projects, not "Artific Industries", which is what I-could-have-sworn I set it to.

So, I fired off a note to Pair's SSL support team inquiring about what happened, figuring that either I'd screwed up or maybe something got copied automatically when it should not have. Pair confirmed that I'd submitted "Artific Industries" as the OU, not "dripldu" and that's what they'd submitted to Comodo to generate the certificate.

This is still being worked out, but it appears that Comodo is caching the OU when an organization requests a certificate, though it's unclear why it was copied in this instance, and not with my prior certificate (for

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