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I created a Feedburner feed for this site. After reviewing my statistics for the past year, the single biggest driver of bandwidth has been the increase in various feed-fetching agents. Some behave ok, but most seem to not cache feeds (requesting the same feed over and over again). Google Desktop is by far the biggest offender (if you're not going to cache but you serve as an intermediary to other agents or users, that's not great but it's only one hit every couple of hours; on the other hand if you're going to distribute a desktop application that doesn't cache, well you should be barred from fetching feeds period).

So, the Feedburner feed is Don't complain to me if it does not validate, Feedburner does some sort of hocus-pocus to merge Atom and RSS elements together into a single feed.

I just don't have the cash to feed the voracious appetite of every single variation on a feed slurping agent.

I will likely do the same on my personal site once I finish playing with the Panther Express Content Distribution Network.

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