Skype Declares War on US Telecom Industry

I don't know any other way to read this message from Skype than my headline suggests:

Free calls within the US and Canada to all phones.

Hello, Calls to friends and family on Skype have always been free. Now we've made calls within the US and Canada to all phones totally free till the end of the year.

Starting from today it doesn't matter if it's a Skype-to-Skype call or a call to landline or mobile phone - it's free as long as you're calling from within the US or Canada to US or Canadian phone number.

Make a free call now

Calling with Skype is easy - select someone from your contact list, or dial a number and hit the green call button. This is how to make a call.

You can still use Skype Credit to make international SkypeOut calls at incredibly cheap rates. Or use it to buy stuff from our store - like Skype Voicemail or even a cool ringtone to personalize your Skype.

I mean, it's quite canny...get people to junk their existing phones and switch entirely to Skype (assuming broadband is available). If I did this at home, I'd save over USD$600. Of course, at the end of the year I fully expect Skype to reinstate charges for SkypeOut (which reminds me, I have €13.61 in SkypeOut credits remaining... guess I need to line up some International customers).

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