Study of Bloglines Subscriptions to determine Top feeds / folders

Feeds That Matter is a project out of the eBiquity Research Group at UMBC. Researchers provide a tag-cloud analysis of the folders readers have categorized feeds into at Bloglines, mashing some Alexa data in as well.

They provide a listing of the top 500 feeds and top 500 folders as well as a feed recommender.

When I did my research into what data one could glean from the bookmarking sites, I focussed primarily on the documented APIs. I did not realize that Bloglines provides a relatively easy-to-parse list of users, through which one could then fetch a list of subscriptions and feeds. I am not quite sure what to do with that yet. My interest is coming up with some sort of weighted ranking that I can apply to my reading list (which, for now, is in Bloglines).

Back to the UMBC study, the Statistics has some interesting additional analysis on readership breakdown, for example that most users have between 30 and 100 feeds monitored.

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