nextNY Digital: Group Blog Launches

I got involved with the nextNY Digital group back in February or March this year. The group sprang from a post by Charlie O'Donnell and is now centered on a Google Group: nextNYDigital.

Today, the nextNY group blog went live at with the lead-off piece Hello NYC.

Tomorrow night "we" are hosting BizDev 2.0, a community discussion about business development in a 2.0 meme world.

NextNY is an almost entirely ad-hoc, decentralized, unfunded, unstaffed, un-managed group. No one "owns" it, no one "runs" it, though there are a few people who circulate at the center of it it's open to one and all. There's no entry fee, there's no business value or networking value checklist to vet membership. You get what you get out of it. I find the discussions interesting and enlightening.

It beats any of the 90s era "Silicon Alley" events and groups I participated in hands down.

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