Attention is what we're looking at, focussing on, participating in. Intention is what we plan to look at, plan to focus on, plan to participate in. Attention generates data, attention streams, click streams, page views. Intentions do not necessarily generate anything, though one might grasp some sense of intent from itineraries, calendars, wishlists, purchase trails.

Distraction Management

When I shifted my email to Gmail and my feed slurping to Google Reader, I became aware of how fragmented my various focal points of attention are. Years ago I became convinced of the need and value of separating my personal email and electronic bits of information from my business email. At the time I was working at IBM and I had this sort of...

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Bloglines' new features: Playlists and Glimpse

Bloglines has added a new feature: Playlists which are another way of grouping feeds together. Unlike folders, a given feed can appear in multiple playlists. Once grouped, you can get a quick glance of what has been updated in a playlist. It does not appear that there is an API to create playlists. If you had such an API then it would be possible to...

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Study of Bloglines Subscriptions to determine Top feeds / folders

Feeds That Matter is a project out of the eBiquity Research Group at UMBC. Researchers provide a tag-cloud analysis of the folders readers have categorized feeds into at Bloglines, mashing some Alexa data in as well. They provide a listing of the top 500 feeds and top 500 folders as well as a feed recommender. When I did my research into what data one could...

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del.icio.us purges history (perhaps temporarily)

p. A footnote to "this entry":http://artific.com/202/2006/10/social-bookmarking-and-attention/ , as of this moment "del.icio.us":http://del.icio.us/ is not reporting any history for any URLs, either through a direct request of http://del.icio.us/url/_md5hash of URL_ or by clicking on the text "saved by *n* other people" under a given entry. p. I assume it's a maintenance thing, if not then I'll have to redo my next article Is your intranet leaking?...

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Can social bookmarking sites be used as a well of attention data?

This is a review of several social bookmarking web sites to determine whether or not they can be used as a "well" of attention data. The eventual goal is to be able to query sites for data about a given URL, and then use that data to inform the reader about whether a given post (URL) has been valued by others.

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On Attention × Technorati × Bloglines

Some further musings on attention tracking and my earlier post on mashing up technorati and bloglines.

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