Sorry for the feedburner burst there…

I discovered that the FeedBurner feed for this site had stalled, not entirely certain why though it appeared to a change in how the the feed URL was being retrieved or processed. In any event, it restarted this morning and republished a bunch of now dated content. In case it wasn’t obvious, I’ve lost interest in blogging regularly. I didn’t get much out of it...

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I realized I sort of fell off the blog beat here. I've rebuilt the site (again) using the Yahoo! User Interface Library which I've been getting to know and use for various sites over the past year. I'm currently at the Defrag 2007 conference in Denver, CO and am enjoying it, it's serving (for me) as an introduction to the intersection of the current crop...

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Overnight the 21st March I rolled out a new design for the site, trying to be a bit simpler and cleaner than previous designs. One element of interest to me will be how the larger Google AdSense ad unit will work on the site. I do not get that much revenue from AdSense here but do consult and advise organizations on how to implement AdSense...

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One week into a Google Life (tm?)

I bored you all with a story about search at and announced my experiment with living in Google in last week's Living a GoogleLife. Here is an interim report. I forwarded all of my email to my Google Mail account and for the most part have managed to rely entirely on Gmail. One possible problem occurred when I flew to Austin, TX: there was...

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Living a Google Life

I'm going to spend a month living in the Google world, diverting my mail to Gmail, managing my calendar with Google Calendar, and possibly replacing Bloglines with Google Reader, to see if there's really any benefit to working in a search-driving "office" environment.

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Weekend Miscellany (25 June 2006)

I tried downloading Lotus Notes 7 but was stymied by the registration system. I tried multiple variations on accounts which I'm fairly certain have been registered to no avail. I looked for an option to "resend my password" and only found a screen where I could call an 800 number during normal business hours. I then tried to register a new address and was...

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Back from vacation

My wife and I spent the first ten days of June hiking around southwestern Ireland on a Backroads organized trip. It was relaxing, though occasionally strenuous (I'm not the fittest person in the world and the hikes had an annoying tendency to start with a steep vertical climb then ease off). I toyed with going to the Web 2.0 half day affair in Cork that...

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Meta: Please Update Feed Subscription

I created a Feedburner feed for this site. After reviewing my statistics for the past year, the single biggest driver of bandwidth has been the increase in various feed-fetching agents. Some behave ok, but most seem to not cache feeds (requesting the same feed over and over again). Google Desktop is by far the biggest offender (if you're not going to cache but you serve...

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