DOM Compliant JavaScript for TypeKey Authentication

The default Site JavaScript template for MovableType relies on document.write to add bits of text and links to log into / out of TypeKey. I was annoyed that this didn't work with my XHTML pages and set out today to write a version of writeTypeKeyGreeting which works with the DOM. In theory the following code should work out-of-the-box. Copy it into your mt-site.js template. You...

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Disabling Trackbacks in MovableType

Update: I WAS WRONG. It seemed too easy so I did some digging. <MTEntryTrackBackData> seems to be a tag from an alternate universe, immune to the conditionality imposed by <MTEntryIfPingsAccepted>. A couple things I discovered: MTEntryTrackBackData seems to close the condition imposed by MTEntryIfPingsAccepted, so an </MTEntryIfPingsAccepted> doesn't get processed and instead ends up in the HTML output stream. Furthermore: MTEntryTrackBackData always returns data if...

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202: Accepted Archives

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