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How I'd Fix Twitter (and why that won't happen)

Twitter's biggest problem is that it's free to use, free to abuse. Twitter can either continue to try to slog through their problems and rearchitect on the fly, or declare victory and create a new API and impose some sort of cost to using twitter's APIs.

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Twitter has added Google Adsense ads to individual status messages, only visible if you're not logged into twitter.

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Twitter Bug or Mis-design: location applies to all tweets

Twitter's location field is dynamic, meaning that statuses are not tied to the location they were posted from but instead get whatever is the user's current location.

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Twittering Tweets Trouble The Times' Truthseekers

There doesn't have to be a there-there to play with and enjoy twitter.

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Twitter API ideas

Some ideas for additions to the Twitter API

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I signed up for twitter sometime around the start of the year. After an initial flurry of twittering I dropped off. I quickly learned to turn off the I/M to my phone (I need to add an SMS package before I fall down that hole again). It reminded me a bit of Dodgeball in getting the rush of messages occasionally, but has more lasting interest...

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