Updated: Junk Keywords based on Google AdSense

Earlier this year, I came up with a novel way of generating a keyword blacklist for the comment/trackback filter on this site: use the (allegedly) highest paying Google AdWords to generate a blacklist. As I don't write about mesothelioma, insurance fraud, asbestos, or phentermine often, I felt it was pretty safe to wholesale block any comments or posts with those words (and others from the list).

I updated the list recently and have stuck it in a separate file for downloading (and avoiding getting this entry spammed for the various words I'm already blocking).

The updated file, for MovableType's SpamLookup - Keyword Filter is here: http://artific.com/library/junkwords-20060629.txt.gz.

And for the SEO spammer who has latched onto Back from vacation for his forex currency trading spam, I've added some special lines just for you:

forex 10 forex brokerage 10 forex brokers 10 forex trading broker 10 forex currency trading 10

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