Problems displaying its guts

I was curious to find out if there were winning numbers for the Mega Millions lottery (a multi-state lottery in the U.S.) and tried to go to, this is what I got (after a few minutes): Apparently it was a complete surprise that everyone would hit the site at 11:01 Eastern to find out the winning numbers. Whoever coded this site: why, why make...

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Boy am I hating MSIE

I've been working on an e-commerce site for a former colleague for the past few months and the experience has brought with it a new level of hatred for Microsoft Internet Explorer. First, I built a little data record editor in PHP. The specifics aren't important, but the key thing is that the HTML is served from an SSL site and it imbeds images from...

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Changing Times

Are you ready for the change to the start and end of Daylight Savings Time in the U.S. and Canada this year? DST starts on 11 March 2007 and ends on 1st November 2007, instead of 1st April and 28th October.

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Google Reader Annoyances

This is a followup to One week into a Google Life with some of the annoyances I've run into with Google Reader. The use of tags/folders in Reader is inconsistent with the use in Google Mail. Reader folders are lowercased and cannot have spaces. In Google Mail, labels can have special characters, can be mixed case, and can have spaces. On importing an OPML file,...

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Web Forms 2.0 and a bug in Opera

Web Forms 2.0 is a new spec which adds some much needed types to web forms.

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An odd thing with an OU

I recently set up an SSL certificate for I was playing around with the SSL side of the site today, trying to get my x509 certificate to be transmitted when I noticed something odd. The OU for the SSL certificate was set to "dripldu", one of my other stillborn projects, not "Artific Industries", which is what I-could-have-sworn I set it to. So, I fired...

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Windows Genuine Annoyance

I have a pretty generic Windows XP install on an IBM Thinkpad x31 (IBM). On a regular basis I accept that I'm about to waste a half hour or more allowing XP to install whatever updates of the week Microsoft (MSFT) has deemed worthy of annoying customers with. I don't particularly like Microsoft, but I use XP and the various Office products pretty much because...

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Why does Lotus Notes change the UID of a calendar entry

My wife uses Lotus Notes at her current employer. It was a bit of a sick twist of fate as she'd left IBM for this new employer only to find that they too used Notes, a release or more behind IBM. Anyway, I'd noticed while she was at IBM that any meeting notices which I'd sent her, would come back after she'd accepted as "meeting...

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